Many cigar brands celebrate the places where they were born - great cigar cities such as Havana and Miami. The Angelenos cigar may be the first to honor a city where cigars are not produced, but enjoyed with gusto and enthusiasm matched nowhere else. I am referring of course to Los Angeles, home of many of the world's most passionate cigar lovers.

Countless movie stars, titans of business, musicians, athletes, writers, and politicians call Los Angeles their home. The city's flourishing population exhibits an unmatched love of life, inspired both by the culture that surrounds them and by the natural beauty and idyllic climate of their chosen home.

It is no wonder they have so fervently embraced the cigar, a product conceived by artisans, formulated from painstakingly-cultivated natural ingredients, rolled by skilled torcedors using techniques passed down from generation to generation-and unsurpassed in the subtleties and satisfaction of flavor it offers.

Every year, I co-host the God of Fire Charity Cigar Dinner with my good friend, Joe Mantegna, in Los Angeles.  When I sit down for dinner at the event, I am always touched by the passion and enthusiasm of the attendees for cigars and helping people in need in our communities.

Despite the passion and enthusiasm of the Angelenos for cigars, this is the city where many anti-smoking measures have started. We must hold our annual charity cigar dinner outdoors because we are not allowed to enjoy our cigars indoors. Furthermore, California has one of the highest state tobacco taxes in the U.S.

Angelenos cigars are created to salute the connoisseurs around the world who, despite all these obstacles, continue to enjoy cigars with incomparable passion. We might not like some of the things our governments do, but must still love our communities and countries. Cigars create camaraderie among us, and I am sure that this world will be a better place if we can share our cigars together.

Made with Ecuadorian wrappers and Dominican fillers and binder at Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia. in the Dominican Republic, Angelenos cigars combine the smoothness and sophistication of the City of Angels with a touch of the boldness that made the city what it is today.

I hope you enjoy these exquisite cigars and join your fellow cigar connoisseurs in celebrating our lives.

Keith K. Park
Founder and President
Angelenos - Prometheus - God of Fire - Sencillo
Los Angeles, California



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