Angelenos Tasting Notes

by Brent Butterworth

The refined character of the new Angelenos cigar comes as no surprise given that it comes from Keith K. Park, the same man who created the elegant Prometheus line of cigar accessories and critically acclaimed God of Fire cigar. What does come as a surprise is the Angelenos' flavor profile, which exudes all the finesse of the world's finest cigars yet tastes like no other blend.

Made in the Dominican Republic by Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia, the Angelenos combines Dominican and Ecuadorian tobaccos into five sizes - - Robusto, Double Robusto, Robusto Gordo 54, Toro and Gran Toro.
On first light, the Angelenos surprises the palate with flavors of gingerbread and eggnog. Its taste recalls the flavors of nutmeg, brown sugar, and cream, and the aroma is fragrant with subtle hints of cinnamon and ginger.

Unlike most other cigars, the Angelenos has an opening act and a second act. About halfway through, its flavor evolves noticeably. The sweet and spicy notes fade as the leathery, full-bodied taste of the Ecuador-grown wrapper starts to dominate. The Angelenos finishes with a well-rounded flavor that remains robust and smooth all the way to the end.

While casual smokers can easily appreciate the Angelenos' unique personality, it is the experienced smoker who will most enjoy these cigars. With its distinctive, full flavor, the Angelenos is always an interesting smoke-yet its blend is smooth enough that one could savor the Angelenos at any time of day or night.

Robusto (50 x 5, MSRP $9.95)
: The Robusto is a subtly more potent take on the original Angelenos blend. Much of the same sweet, creamy flavor is present, but the aroma is considerably more intense, practically dancing with floral notes. While the ultra-smooth Robusto is mellow enough for anyone to finish down to the last inch, its heavier taste hints at the leathery heft of the finest Cuban blends. It is truly a cigar appropriate for any occasion and any smoker.
Double Robusto (52 x 5 ¾, MSRP $10.95):
If the Robusto takes the Angelenos blend up one notch, the Double Robusto takes it up two. The Double Robusto has a stimulating aroma that recalls the fresh smell of juniper berries. The taste is the heaviest in the Angelenos line, beginning with subtle notes of black pepper and the tang of poblano pepper. The peppery notes intensify about halfway through the cigar. The Double Robusto’s distinctive flavor makes it the perfect accompaniment to mixed drinks-it could even hold its own with a great margarita.
Robusto Gordo 54 (54 x 5 1/2, MSRP $10.95)
: The flavors in the Angelenos Robusto Gordo 54 are so many and varied that it may be impossible to describe them all. Like the other Angelenos cigars, the Robusto Gordo 54 opens with the subtle, delicate sweetness of angel food cake. As it burns, new flavors emerge - a slight citrus tang, the softest hints of black pepper. About halfway through, the sweetness recedes and the cigar becomes more full-boldied, with a taste reminiscent of savory salsa. It's perfect for afternoons or evenings when you have time to sit down and enjoy one of the most complex, interesting cigars in the world. 
Toro (50 x 6, MSRP $10.95)
: The Toro tastes a bit smoother than the Lonsdale, and highlights new flavors that are barely present in the Lonsdale. More of the blend’s gingerbread taste comes to light, and its earthy, leathery flavor rises to prominence. The taste of pepper is still there, but it’s substantially softer.
Gran Toro (54 x 6 1/2, MSRP $12.95): The big Gran Toro is the smoothest of all the Angelenos. It is one of those rare cigars that smokes easy, yet delivers a complex and interesting blend of flavors. The peppery notes of the Lonsdale are gone, replaced by hints of cinnamon that become more pronounced as the cigar burns down.
The MSRP will vary, depending on the tobacco tax and import duty rates in the state or country where the authorized Prometheus dealer is located.
For customers residing in the U.S., there will be state tobacco and sales taxes. For customers residing outside the U.S., the import duty and local tobacco tax will be added. 


Angelenos Robusto Gordo JM

by Patrick Ashby,

Between the excessive taxes and freedom-stifling smoking bans, California may be the least friendly cigar state in the country. Prometheus—a Los Angeles-based purveyor the Fuente-made God of Fire smokes, as well as cutters, lighters, and humidors—pays homage to those in the City of Angels who still manage to enjoy cigars despite the efforts of politicians.

Their tribute is a cigar called Angelenos, a blend comprised of an Ecuadorian wrapper with Dominican binder and filler tobaccos. It is made at Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia under the direction of Carlito Fuente. Six sizes are available that range in price from $8.95 to $10.95: Robusto (5.25 x 50), Toro (6 x 50), Lonsdale (6.25 x 44), Gran Toro (6.5 x 54), Double Robusto (5.75 x 52), and Robusto Gordo JM (5.5 x 54). For the latter, the “JM” in the name—and the signature on the second band—is for actor Joe Mantegna, a well-documented cigar enthusiast. At the request of Mantegna, a portion of Angelenos proceeds benefits the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center.

The Robusto Gordo JM is a golden-colored smoke with an oily exterior leaf that’s smooth and almost vein-free. It smells of honey, hay, and sawdust. After toasting the foot and establishing an even light with my Magma T (what else?), a flavor of brown sugar, cream, grass, and cinnamon spice emerges. The smoke is thick and textured with a soft, rounded finish. Dried fruits and leather are also apparent, and the aroma is fragrant and nutty.

Some would call the Angelenos Robusto Gordo JM decidedly mild, but I’m more inclined to call it somewhere between the mild and medium-bodied ranges. This is especially true in the second half of the cigar where the taste intensifies and the spice becomes more pronounced on the finish.

Regardless of how you’d classify the body, there’s no denying that this cigar has outstanding construction. The white ash builds wonderfully and solidly off the foot and the burn line stays true.

I’ve always been impressed with the cigars in the God of Fire portfolio, particularly the Carlito 2006 Double Robusto. Their biggest drawback is their price, which can exceed $20 per cigar. While the Angelenos Robusto Gordo JM may not be as complex as its predecessors, it’s still a fine, supremely creamy smoke and a smart buy at $9.95 apiece. It earns four stogies out of five.

Angelenos Experience by Jim Holly
I am a cigar nut (yes nut... step up from aficionado), daily cigar smoker for 15 years now... and true fan of the cigars that come from the fields at Chateau de la Fuente.

God of Fire by Carlito and aged Fuente Fuente OpusX consistently rank in my top 10 cigars at any given time.

A friend of mine recently took a trip to California on business, and brought me back a cigar that I had been longing to try for some time... the Angelenos Toro... and he somehow found one!

I laid her to rest in one of my humidors for a couple of weeks... and finally gave her a shot this evening (paired with an Amaretto and ginger ale).

I was completely blown away!

Generally speaking, I tend to enjoy fuller-bodied smokes... but I can also appreciate medium body cigars as long as they maintain a unique full flavor profile....and the Angelenos did just that!  It was so full in smooth creamy flavors!

I just want to drop a quick line to say thanks for another wonderful experience!

Jim Holly
Peoria, Arizona

by Smoking Hot Cigar Chick   
"I tend to smoke the more medium and full-bodied cigars, though I absolutely adore a mild cigar every now and then. When I do like a mild cigar, there must be some character and complexity- there must be a great taste. And this one delivered it beautifully. The Angelenos has a profile I wouldn't compare to anything else, it is very unique and very elegant. There is a nice creamy buttery flavor with a pleasant spice through the nose and a hint of sweetness in the finish. Very lovely!

This is a cigar I can enjoy daily and not get tired of as well. I've enjoyed it both in the morning and evening hours, though most commonly earlier in the day. It is very quickly becoming a favorite of mine."   READ THE FULL CIGAR REVIEW

Angelenos Toro

by Joe Treff
The Angelenos was released in 2009 and is a product of Keith K. Park, of Prometheus. He made his mark on the cigar world with the renowned God of Fire line, and released the Sencillo, which I've also reviewed in this blog, in spring 2010. The Angelenos is the mild cigar out of this trio, with an Ecuadorian wrapper encasing Dominican binders and fillers. This Ecuadorian tobacco is more reminiscent of Connecticut Broadleaf done correctly, however, and carries a very light sheen which seems even lighter than it is, in contrast with the jet-black wrapper. The Angelenos is produced in Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia, and it's a good bet that if you like other Fuente stuff, you'll like this as well, though I personally enjoy this more than any Fuente I've had, OpusX aside. The Angelenos gets its name from the many aficionados in Los Angeles, and is a tribute to all those, like many Angelenos, who have continued to enjoy our hobby despite the hardships, which foolish tobacco taxes and smoking bans have placed on us.
Excellent burn, great flavor as well.
So, without further ado, and because it was getting dark out quickly, I lit up the Angelenos Toro (50 x 6) while sitting by myself, enjoying the beautiful, if somewhat humid evening. This cigar lights very easily, and immediately brings on flavors of very mild leather and cream alongside sweet caramel. There is also a very clean finish, with just a hint of coffee to it. I must immediately admit that I am not a huge fan of mild cigars, with very possibly just two or three exceptions to date, but I find the amount of flavor in this to be enjoyable. The problem for me, is that many mild cigars sacrifice flavor to lessen the strength. Many mild cigars tend to burn a little bitter to me, but as the first third of the Angelenos Toro winds down, there is not a hint of bitterness or harshness to be found.
A windless day, but this is still impressive.
The middle third features a sugarcane core, with just the slightest notes of black pepper through the nose. Like the first third, this is incredibly smooth and creamy. Throughout the whole of the Angelenos, there is a very buttery flavor, but more than that, a texture as well. This cigar is incredibly smooth, and I think that quality would make it accessible to a newer smoker, as well as very enjoyable to anyone with a seasoned palate for cigars. There is also, toward the end of the third, a slight hint of tea on the finish. The draw is perfect, offering plenty of smoke, and the cigar burns very cool and sweet. The length of the ash also attests to how well this stogie is rolled, and the burn line stays very consistent throughout.
As we burn down the home stretch, I detect a little bit of cedar, leather, and tea with plenty of tobacco flavor. While you'll always be tasting tobacco when you smoke a cigar, this runs the flavor much in the same way Davidoff does, in that it features a very rich tobacco offering. If you exhale nasally, you'll taste something akin to hot caramel as well! All the way down to the end, this cigar stays sweet and smooth, and I am disappointed to see it end.
My last picture, because my camera doesn't behave well in low light.
Final Judgment: Usually I find myself saying that enjoyable mild cigars are good "for a mild cigar." The Angelenos enjoys the rare distinction of not needing that asterisk next to it, as it stands on its own as a good cigar in and of itself. Perfect with a cup of coffee, perfect to start the day off with or just to relax on a hot day, the Angelenos is a very solid addition to Keith K. Park's portfolio.
Base Flavors
Leather, Cream, Caramel, Cedar, Black Pepper, Sugar
Tobacco Origins
Ecuador, Dominican Republic
Pairing Recommendations
Yes, very accessible and enjoyable.

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