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2011 Limited Edition Angelenos Robusto Gordo JM

The Angelenos Robusto Gordo JM (54 x 5 1/2 inch, 21 mm x 139) was released in the 2011 Limited Edition Prometheus Cigar Jar. 24 Angelenos Robusto Gordo JM cigars were packaged in the jar.

Release of Angelenos Robusto Gordo JM in 2011

In the spring of 2006, I had lunch with Joe Mantegna at his wife's restaurant, Taste Chicago, in Burbank. During our lunch, I spoke with him about the God of Fire Charity Dinner for Children in Need. Knowing that the event would help children who are poor, underprivileged and helpless, he was glad to co-host it with me. The rest is history. Thanks to Joe's participation, the God of Fire Charity Dinner has raised more than $800,000 for children in need since the first event at Hotel Bel-Air in 2006.
I am so happy to tell you that Joe, who is the nicest guy in Hollywood and star of the number one hit show, Criminal Minds, received his star on Hollywood Walk of Fame on April 29, 2011. But we outdid the Hollywood Walk of Fame by releasing Angelenos Robusto Gordo JM with Joe's signature on the second band.
Keith K. Park
Founder and President
Angelenos - Prometheus - God of Fire - Sencillo
Tasting Note for Angelenos Robusto Gordo JM

by Brent Butterworth

The flavors in the Angelenos Robusto Gordo JM are so many and varied that it may be impossible to describe them all. Like the other Angelenos cigars, the Robusto Gordo JM opens with the subtle, delicate sweetness of angel food cake. As it burns, new flavors emerge - a slight citrus tang, the softest hints of black pepper. About halfway through, the sweetness recedes and the cigar becomes more full-boldied, with a taste reminiscent of savory salsa. It's perfect for afternoons or evenings when you have time to sit down and enjoy one of the most complex, interesting cigars in the world.

On behalf of Joe Mantegna, a portion of the sales proceeds from the Angelenos Robusto Gordo JM cigars was donated to the Barbara Sinatra Children's Center (, which has been helping sexually abused children since 1986.
The whole gang was at the 2008 God of Fire Charity Dinner for Children in Need held at Hotel Bel-Air to honor Barbara Sinatra.
Barbara Sinatra with Joe Mantegna and Keith K. Park after receiving the 2008 God of Fire Woman of the Year Award.
Joe Mantegna with Jim Belushi, and Shelby and Pete Ferrarini at the 2008 God of Fire Charity Dinner.

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